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We are an active force in the field of robotics and STEM education, empowering more than 2000 high-school students and 300 mentors, from 77 cities in Romania. We bring “learning by doing” and “having fun” while supporting the teams to build a competition robot from scratch. We invest in kids who are ready to embrace the jobs of tomorrow and the fourth industrial revolution of THE DIGITAL ERA.

We organize each competition season the biggest Robotics Competition in Romania for high-school students (next edition: March 27-29, 2020), regionals, demo events, summer camps and other community outreach events


BRD FIRST Tech Challenge Romania invests in future tech leaders. The student teams design, build and program their robot and compete during the championship in an alliance format with other teams.

In 2016, we started season #1 with 54 high schools, over 800 students, from 33 cities in Romania who had the challenge to take part in the biggest Robotics Championship in Romania. During season #2 (2017/2018) we had 90 teams, over 1400 students, 200 mentors and 200 volunteers. And for season #3 (2018/2019) the numbers did grow: 145 teams, 2000 students, 300 mentors and 300 volunteers.

We are excited to start the new season #4 #SKYSTONE presented by Qualcomm with the teams registrations (May – October 2019), followed by demo events, presentations, qualifying tournaments and conclude it with the grand final National Championship in Bucharest – March 27-29, 2020.

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“It was a challenge to launch this program in Romania but together with our partners we managed to bring together the most talented high-school students in robotics. I have a dream – that one day, in Romania, education will be a top priority. Only then our country will have a chance to really shine.”
– Dana Razboiu, President Natie Prin Educatie